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First of all, on behalf of the editors and the publishing staff, let us wish you a happy and successful 2018!

As Editors-in-Chief, we continue our efforts to support the thermophysics community as best as we can and to maintain and improve the quality of the journal.

You may have noted that the cover page of HTHP has been redesigned. In particular, we have changed the subtitle of our journal, now reading “thermophysical properties: fundamentals and applications”. The new subtitle reflects a change in editorial policy, putting more emphasis on applications of thermophysical properties research in new technologies and industry. Accordingly, the Aims and Scope statement of the journal has been reformulated, taking into account the new editorial policy.

We have also revised the Notes for Contributors. We no longer accept submissions in LATEX format (submissions of such files were very rare in the past and did not help to speed up publication) and we now require that references include their doi identifiers. Starting with volume 48, in 2019, articles published in HTHP will bear a doi for easier retrieval. This in turn requires the use of doi in outbound referencing.

The editors and publisher are committed to provide fast publication of accepted submissions. To reduce publication time, we will optimize our internal processes. As a first step, we will add a new section to our website, displaying abstracts of forthcoming papers as soon as they are accepted.

As has been announced earlier, the Editors-in-Chief offer a prize for the best referee. The Best Referee Award was presented for the first time during the European Conference on Thermophysical Properties (ECTP) in Graz. The first winner of this prize is Dr. Manuel Piñeiro from the University of Vigo, Spain.

Ceterum censeo …:
We would like to remind authors to follow the Notes for Contributors closely. They can be found at the back of each issue and online at: Formatting of headings and, in particular, of the list of references, according to journal style needs to be done by the authors. Manuscripts not conforming to these notes will have to be sent back to authors for revision. Regardless of the scientific quality of the paper, non-compliance with the journal’s style can lead to unnecessary delays in publication.

We look forward to continuing to receive and publish high-quality thermophysical property research papers in 2018. Once again, a happy and prosperous New Year to you all!

Iván Egry, Jean-François Sacadura

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