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New version of Tao-Mason equation of state: application to refrigerant fluid mixtures
M. M. Alavianmehr, O. Mehrayin, M. Kiani and J. Moghadasi

In our previous work, we modified the Tao-Mason equation of state (TM EOS) (Tao and Mason, 1994) to predict the volumetric properties of pure refrigerants (Alavianmehr et al. 2014). In the present study, we have successfully extended the modified TM EOS to refrigerant mixtures. The considered refrigerant mixtures are several HC, HFC and HFO mixtures. The results show that the molar gas and liquid densities of the refrigerant mixtures of interest can be predicted with average absolute deviation (AAD) to within 1.27% and 2.93%, respectively, over the temperature range of 253–440 K and the pressure range of 0.33–158 bar for more than 913 data points. The present EOS was further assessed through comparisons with the original TM, Ihm-Song-Mason (ISM) and Peng-Robinson (PR) equations of state. Also, the present paper aims to model vapor–liquid equilibria of new binary mixtures. Our results demonstrate that the modified TM EOS for mixtures can properly model phase equilibria of fluid mixtures with acceptable accuracies.

Keywords: Equation of state, Refrigerant Mixtures, Volumetric Properties, Excess Molar Volumes

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