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Density of rubidium–bismuth melts
Sergei V. Stankus, Rasul N. Abdullaev and Rashid A. Khairulin

The density of liquid rubidium and rubidium–bismuth alloys (19.86 at.% Bi, 25.01 at.% Bi, 26.99 at.% Bi, 29.89 at.% Bi, 40.00 at.% Bi, 50.02 at.% Bi, and 66.69 at.% Bi) was measured using the gamma-ray attenuation technique over the temperature range from the liquidus line to 1000 K. The measurements have shown that the Rb–Bi phase diagram published in the literature contains inaccuracy in the region near 25 at.% Bi. The concentration dependences of volume properties of the Rb–Bi liquid system were constructed and discussed.

Keywords: Density, gamma-ray attenuation technique, melt, phase diagram, rubidium–bismuth system, thermal expansion

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