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Generalized thermo-elasto-diffusive responses on fiber-reinforced anisotropic half-space under five generalized thermoelasticities
Xiong Qi-Lin, Xiao Chu and Liu Cheng

This paper presents an investigation on a two-dimensional generalized thermoelastic problem of a fiber-reinforced half-space with diffusion whose upper surface is subjected to a zonal time-dependent thermal shock. Five generalized thermoelastic theories including Lord-Shulman theory, Green-Lord theory, Green-Naghdi theory of type II and type III, as well as Dual-phase-lag model are used to investigate the problem and the solution is obtained by solving finite element governing equations of the problem. The results of transient thermo-elasto-diffusive response including temperature, displacements and stresses, mass concentration as well as chemical potential are presented graphically. Comparisons are made among results predicted by the five theories to show the characteristic of different generalized thermoelasticities. In addition, the fiber-reinforced effect is studied by making comparisons between the results in the presence and absence of the fiber-reinforcement.

Keywords: Generalized Thermo-Elasto-Diffusive, Fiber-Reinforcement, Thermal Shock, Finite Element Method

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