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Introduction: 18th Symposium of the Korean Society of Thermophysical Properties (KSTP 18)
Sok Won Kim
DOI: 10.32908/hthp.v48.732

The Korean Society of Thermophysical Properties (KSTP) was established in 2001 with the aim to contribute to thermophysical properties research and the improvement of science and technology. The objective of KSTP is to provide and to exchange academic and industrial information of research results with all of the members both internally and externally as well. As an expert of studying high-tech materials for semiconductor, insulator, display and IT industry, the society has researched the basis of industrial development.

Thermophysical property is an area where the importance of the sector is even higher recently along with further development of energy saving, thermal design, and advanced materials. The KSTP is contributing to the development of the thermophysical properties in response to the demands of the domestic industry whose application contains a variety of topics, including mechanical, physical, materials, and chemical engineering in diverse fields of applied and basic research.

The 18th Symposium of the KSTP was held on April 5–6, 2018, at Chosun University in Gwangju, Korea. The symposium was organized by KSTP to provide an annual forum for the discussion on thermal sciences including thermophysical properties, thermal analysis, calorimetry, and so on. Recently, the symposium tends to focus on newly developing fields and the 18th KSTP Symposium offered 2 special sessions on the thermophysical properties in the Fourth Industrial Revolution and Building Insulation Materials. In addition, a number of manufacturers of thermal analysis and thermophysical apparatuses joined the symposium to display the newest equipments.

In conclusion, we are very grateful to all participants of 18th KSTP Symposium and the authors of the papers in this issue. Last but not least, thanks should go to the editor, in particular, Dr. Ivan Egry for his kind cooperation during the course of preparation of this HTHP Special Issue.

Sok Won Kim
President of KSTP

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