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The temperature coefficients of volume changes in first and second order isopolar reactions in a liquid phase
Dmitry A. Kornilov, Vladimir D. Kiselev, and Timur A. Mukhametzyanov

A lot of processes, which are of great industrial importance, proceed according to the following schemes: A→P and A+B→C. Therefore, it is necessary to predict the course of such processes in a wide range of temperatures. A wide range of possible A→P (I) and A+B→C (II) type reactions between liquid reagents of various organic compound classes is considered. The effect of temperature on the volume change of such reactions is analyzed. The equations were derived allowing to calculate volume changes of isopolar reactions of I- and II-type at temperature range 230-390 K using the values of the volume change of reaction at T=298.15 K: ∆VT(I)= =∆V0(I)[1+(3.21±0.25)∙10-3(TT0)]; ∆VT(II) = ∆V0(II)[1+(4.82±0.33)∙10-3(TT0)].

Keywords: High pressure, high temperature, isopolar reactions, activation volume, reaction volume, activation complex

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DOI: 10.32908/hthp.v48.657