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Book Review
Finite Difference Methods in Heat Transfer, 2nd edition
Reviewed by Jean-François Sacadura

The original edition of this book published by M. N. Özişik as single author in 1994 was a textbook intended for advanced or graduate courses. It has been widely used over several decades by many students, researchers and educators in the area of thermal engineering.

Considering the high quality of the book, the growing importance of the computational methods that became common engineering tools, and the significant evolution of that methods for the solution of heat transfer problems, CRC Press placed bets on a new updated edition. It is not common nor easy to update, refresh and supplement an outstanding book several years after the author’s death. Who else than the three additional co-autors invited by the publisher to prepare the new edition had been more appropriate to take over the task, modifying the original work and adding new material without losing the features of the original work? Two of them, HRBO and RMC, were PhD students and then co-workers of Professor Özişik. All three are outstanding scientists and educators worldwide recognized in the areas of Heat Transfer and computational methods in Heat Transfer.

A parallel reading of the two editions shows that the new edition has kept the main qualities of the original book which are the clear, comprehensive and detailed presentations of methods aimed to be readily applied by the reader, with mathematical derivations kept to a minimum.

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DOI: 10.32908/hthp.v48.765