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Densities and electrochemical potential window of the BaCl2-NaCl-NaF-AlF3 electrolyte
Veronika Kestoutche Laurinavichyute, Leonid Vital’evich Pugolovkin, Eduard Evgen’evich Levin and Dmitry Alexandrovich Simakov

The effect of melt composition (BaCl2-NaCl-NaF-AlF3) on its density, resistivity and redox potentials of the main electrode processes is reported. A three-factor two-level experimental design was used to study the effects of cryolite ratio (1.1-1.6) and BaCl2 (0-60wt%) or NaCl (0-10wt%) content on the melt density. The obtained equation satisfactorily describes the measured melt densities. The observed non-linear behavior of melt density with BaCl2 additions is assigned to the formation of BaClF complex. Unlike BaCl2, additions of 0-10 wt% NaCl have little effect on the melt density, however, affect the melt conductivity significantly.

Keywords: melt density; aluminium electrorefining; conductivity

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DOI: 10.32908/hthp.v48.761