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Normal spectral emissivity of liquid Al-Ti binary alloys
Juergen Brillo, Johanna J. Wessing, Hidekazu Kobatake and Hiroyuki Fukuyama

The normal spectral emissivity ε of four compositions in the Al-Ti binary liquid system was measured in dependence of the wavelength and temperature. It was found that all compositions show negligible temperature dependence. At a wavelength of 940 nm, the emissivity amounts to 0.37, 0.40, 0.32, and 0.31 for Ti, Al20Ti80, Al50Ti50, and Al70Ti30, respectively. The dependence of the emissivity on composition is in good agreement with literature data of binary and multi-component Al-Ti-based alloys.

Using the classical Drude model, electrical resistivities are predicted for the Al-Ti system from the measured emissivities. Comparison with existing data from literature for Al show reasonable agreement.

Keywords: Al-Ti liquid binary alloys, electromagnetic levitation, electrical resistivity, normal spectral emissivity, thermophysical properties.

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DOI: 10.32908/hthp.v48.783