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Surface tension of liquid Ti with adsorbed oxygen and a simple associate model for its prediction
J. Brillo, J. Wessing, H. Kobatake and H. Fukuyama

Surface tensions of electromagnetically levitated liquid Ti-samples were measured under the influence of oxygen. For this purpose, Ti-O samples were prepared by adding different amounts of TiO2 powder to pure Ti. The surface tension was found to strongly depend on the bulk oxygen mole fraction determined by chemical analysis.

The results could be described by a simple model presented in the present work. In this model the Butler equation is applied and the formation of TiO2 – associates are taken into account. Non-ideal interactions ΔH≠0 between titanium and the associates also need to be taken into account. Good agreement with the experimental data is evident and also with a different model developed earlier by us.

Keywords: electromagnetic levitation, liquid titanium, modelling, oxygen, surface tension

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DOI: 10.32908/hthp.v49.849