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Thermodynamics and transport properties of the supercritical fluid of metals
Alexander L. Khomkin and Aleksey S. Shumikhin

The proposed model allows to calculate the composition, thermodynamic and transport properties of the supercritical metal vapors within unified approach. The model includes atoms, immersed in jellium, and thermally ionized electrons and ions. The jellium is the part of the bound states electron density. The density of electron jellium increases with the compression of atomic gas and does not depend on temperature directly. At compression, the electrical conductivity passes through the minimum from the conductivity of thermal electrons to the conductivity of electrons of jellium accordingly. Calculations of the equation of state and the electrical conductivity of supercritical metal vapors agree well with physical and numerical experimental data.

Keywords: vapor-liquid phase transition, thermodynamic properties, electrical conductivity, jellium

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DOI: 10.32908/hthp.v49.811