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Methods of temperature determination and measurement verification in applications related to hot die forging processes
Marek Hawryluk, Paweł Widomski, Marcin Kaszuba and Sławomir Polak

The article concerns the analysis of selected and the most frequently used methods for temperature measurements in the aspect of their correct use in engineering applications related to industrial die forging processes. The research used the three most popular measuring devices, such as: monochromatic pyrometers with the simultaneous measurement of K-type thermocouple and thermal imaging camera. The research concerned mainly temperature measurements for forging tools divided into several stages in which individual tests were carried out, making detailed analyzes and indicating the most important measurement problems. Each subsequent research stage was in some way a consequence of the previous one. On this basis, the potential advantages and disadvantages of individual measurement methods were indicated and how one method can be verified by another one. It was indicated how and to what the best method or device should be used, so that the obtained result was correct and the person/engineer conducting such measurements was aware of the consequences of the conducted research and the problem of temperature measurements.

Keywords: Temperature measurements; Pyrometer, Thermocouple; Thermovision cameras; Hot forging process, Forging tools

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DOI: 10.32908/hthp.v49.793