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Identification of wavelength regions for non-contact temperature measurement of combustion gases at high temperatures and high pressures
Matthias Zipf, Jochen Manara, Thomas Stark, Mariacarla Arduini, Hans-Peter Ebert and Jürgen Hartmann

Stationary gas turbines are still an important part of today’s power supply. With increasing temperature of the hot combustion gas inside a gas turbine, the efficiency factor of the turbine increases. For this reason, it is intended to operate turbines at the highest possible gas temperature. Therefore, in the combustion chamber and especially at the position of the first stage guide vanes the gas temperature needs to be measured reliably.

To determine the gas temperature, one promising approach is the application of a non-contact measurement method using a radiation thermometer. A radiation thermometer can measure the gas temperature remotely from outside of the harsh environment.

At ZAE Bayern, a high temperature and high-pressure gas cell has been developed for this purpose in order to investigate gases and gas mixtures under defined conditions at high pressures and high temperatures. This gas cell can be placed in a FTIR-spectrometer in order to characterize the infrared-optical properties of the gases.

In this work the measurement setup is introduced and gas mixtures, which are relevant for gas turbine applications are analyzed thoroughly. The derived results are presented and discussed in detail. To identify suitable wavelength regions for non-contact gas temperature measurements, first tests have been performed. Based on these tests, an appropriate wavelength region could be chosen, where future gas temperature measurements can be carried out.

Keywords: Gas transmission spectra, Gas turbine, Combustion gas, Radiation thermometry, Non-contact temperature measurement, Thermal radiation, Gas temperature measurement, Fourier-transform infrared spectrometer

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DOI: 10.32908/hthp.v49.805