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Research on the temperature measurement of C919 aircraft landing gear during heat treatment
Wei Li, Junwei Jia, Zheng Li, Hongfei Cui, Xiaobo Lu, Jian Min, Zhan Liu, Shaofei Li and Jincheng Jia

The heat treatment process of C919 aircraft landing gear has to go through a series of strict environments such as vacuum, high temperature, oil quenching, and it has been a difficult problem to accurately measure the temperature of landing gear during heat treatment. A black box hi-temp measurement system is designed on the basis of heat transfer theory in this paper. The thermal insulation structures are simulated by finite element analysis software ANSYS, and the simulation results indicate that the system can work continuously for 7 hours at 900 ℃. The number and distribution of temperature measurement points are determined according to the standard of AMS 2750E. The temperature variations of measurement points in the process of vacuum furnace heating and oil quenching are real-time recorded by binding the hi-temp measurement system and the landing gear as a whole into the vacuum furnace and oil pool. The results show that the designed hi-temp measurement system has good stability and high accuracy, which is fully capable of withstanding vacuum, high temperature and oil quenching environments. It is the first time in China that this kind of temperature measuring problem has been solved, which is of great significance for the accurate verification of C919 aircraft landing gear during the heat-treatment process.

Keywords: Temperature measurement, aircraft landing gear, vacuum furnace, heat treatment, ANSYS, thermal protection

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DOI: 10.32908/hthp.v50.1007