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Influence of azeotropic binary mixtures on single-stage refrigeration system performance
Leila Benbia, Saida Fedali, Cherif Bougriou and Hakim Madani

The current study concerns the use of azeotropic mixtures in single-stage vapor compression refrigeration system configurations to determine the effect of entrainment ratio on the coefficient of performance. Three single-stage vapor compression refrigeration system configurations are used. The effects of condenser and evaporator temperatures on the single-stage refrigeration system are investigated. The used azeotropic mixtures are: R1234yf + R290, R1234yf + R152a, R1234yf + R600a, R134a + R290, R134a + R600a and R1270 + R134a. It is shown that the simulations results are in good agreement with the literature. The R1234yf + R290 mixture in refrigeration cycle give the highest coefficient of performance and entrainment ratio. The coefficient of performance (COP) increases with increasing of entrainment ratio.

Keywords: Ejector, Thermodynamic analysis, Azeotropic binary mixture, Refrigeration system, COP, Entrainment ratio

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DOI: 10.32908/hthp.v51.1185