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Thermodynamic properties of GaAs quantum dot confined by asymmetric Gaussian potential
Ahmad Ghanbari and Raziyeh Birooni

In the present work, we have calculated the thermodynamic properties of an asymmetrical Gaussian potential quantum dot under external electric field. To this end, we have solved the Schrödinger equation and have obtained the energy levels and wave functions, analytically. According to the obtained eigenvalues, we have calculated the partition function of the system by the Poisson summation formalism. Afterward, we have deduced some thermodynamic properties such as mean energy, entropy, specific heat and free energy under the application of an external electric field using the canonical ensemble approach. These thermodynamic properties for an asymmetrical Gaussian potential GaAs quantum dot have been discussed in detail.

Keywords: Thermodynamic properties, Asymmetric Gaussian potential, Quantum dot, electric field

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DOI: 10.32908/hthp.v51.1251