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Density and molar volumes of liquid alloys of iron with C, B, Si, P, Cu, Al, Ni, Cr and Mn.
Oleg Ostrovski

The paper discusses density and molar volume of liquid alloys of iron with C, B, Si, P, Cu, Al, Ni, Cr and Mn. Liquid alloys of iron with other metals are considered as substitutional solutions using the hard-sphere model. Deviations of molar volumes of Fe-Cu and Fe-Al alloys from the ideal solutions were analysed using relationship between excess volume and entropy. Alloys of iron with Ni, Cr and Mn are close to the ideal solutions. Calculated volumes are in agreement with experimental data. Alloys of Fe with C, B, Si and P are considered as interstitial solutions using P. Gaskell’s model developed for amorphous alloys of transition metals with metalloids. Calculated partial molar volumes of C, B, Si and P in dilute binary solutions at 1823 K are (cm3/mol): VC=1.59 cm3/mol; VB=3.37 cm3/mol; VSi =7.06 cm3/mol; and VP=6.26 cm3/mol. 1.59, 3.37, 7.06 and 6.26 respectively. The model correctly describes the liquid alloys of iron with metalloids as interstitial solutions.

Keywords: Iron-based alloys; substitutional solutions; hard-sphere model; molar volume; excess entropy; interstitial solutions

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DOI: 10.32908/hthp.v51.1255