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Experimental study of density, molar volume and surface tension of the liquid Ti-V system measured in electromagnetic levitation
B. Reiplinger, Y. Plevachuk and J. Brillo

Systematical experimental data on density, molar volume and the surface tension, measured in electromagnetic levitation, has been summarized for the liquid Ti-V system. The optical dilatometry method as well as the oscillating drop technique have been employed to investigate the temperature- and compositional dependence. A linear decrease in density and surface tension with increasing temperature has been observed for all investigated compositions. Pure Vanadium shows hereby the highest density and surface tension while pure titanium shows the lowest density and surface tension respectively. Therefore, the density and surface tension decrease with increasing titanium content, however not linear. Since no excess quantities were available, simple models could be employed to cover the complete liquid Ti-V system. Experimental data as well as the corresponding linear fits are presented.

Keywords: Electromagnetic Levitation, liquid titanium, liquid vanadium, surface tension, density, thermophysical properties

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DOI: 10.32908/hthp.v52.1355