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PZT-based high-temperature ultrasonic dual mode transducer applicable to cubic-anvil apparatus for sound velocity measurement
Wei Song, Chang Su, Shuai Wang and Yonggang Liu

The ultrasonic transducer is an indispensably critical component for sound velocity measurement. With the increasing demand of high-temperature ultrasonic dual mode transducer applicable to cubic-anvil apparatus, where experiments of high-pressure and high-temperature sound velocity are routinely conducted, a PZT-based ultrasonic dual mode transducer was presented in this study. It was made of a sandwich of two PZT piezoceramic wafers, the upper one generating P-waves and the lower one generating S-waves. The transducer was directly bonded onto a WC anvil of cubic-anvil apparatus using high-temperature adhesive, and then heated in an oven while measuring the bottom echoes from the WC anvil. The results showed that the high-temperature transducer could work up to 140 °C. The transducer features low cost, easy fabricating, and high-quality signals, and so we believe it is useful for sound velocity measurement at high temperatures in cubic-anvil apparatus.

Keywords: Ultrasonic transducer; High temperature; PZT; Dual mode; Sound velocity; Cubic-anvil apparatus

DOI: 10.32908/hthp.v52.1317