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Thermoelastic properties of materials based on the Generalized Rydberg-Vinet and the Stacey reciprocal K-primed equations of state
A. Vijay

Most of the equations of state used in the literature are not physically acceptable because they do not satisfy the fundamental constraints derived by Stacey in the limit of infinite pressure or extreme compression. In the present study we have used the Generalized Rydberg-Vinet equation of state, and compared the results with those determined from the Stacey reciprocal K- primed equation. We have calculated the pressure-volume relationships, bulk modulus and its pressure derivatives up to third order, Grüneisen parameter and its higher order volume derivatives for MgO, hcp iron, lower mantle and the Earth outer core. The results obtained using the two equations of state have been discussed and compared with each other and also found to present good agreement with the available experimental data.

Keywords: Bulk Modulus, Pressure derivatives, Grüneisen parameter, Higher-order volume derivatives of gamma, MgO, hcp iron, Earth interior

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