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Colour Fusion Polarization Ghost Imaging
X. Yang, Y. Zhang, C. Yang, L. Xu, Q. Wang and Y. Zhao

In conventional two-dimensional (2-D) ghost imaging (GI), intensity images can be obtained by utilizing the intensity correlation between signals in the reference path and test path. Grey values in ghost imaging represent the transmission coefficient or reflection coefficient of the target. In this study, colour fusion polarization ghost imaging (CPGI) system is proposed to acquire polarization image of target through Stokes parameters. A polarized chromatic value (PCV) is introduced in this system to describe Stokes parameters in a pseudo-colour way. Target information can easily be extracted from the result of CPGI system. The proposed method can be employed successfully to identify targets, promoting wider application of ghost imaging systems.

Keywords: Laser, ghost imaging (GI), colour fusion polarization image system (CPGI), Stokes parameter, polarized chromatic value (PCV)

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