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CO2 Laser Cutting Cost Estimation: Mathematical Model and Application
M. Madić, M. Radovanović, B. Nedić and M. Gostimirović

Determination of the most suitable cutting regimes for satisfying different dimensional, quality and productivity characteristics while ensuring cutting with the lowest cost is of great importance. In this paper, an attempt has been made to propose comprehensive mathematical model for CO2 laser cutting cost estimation. Based on the comprehensive analysis of the laser cutting process and analysis of number of proposed cost cutting calculation models, influence chart for CO2 laser cutting cost was built upon which the mathematical model was developed. Apart from the previous models, emphasis has been given to assist gas consumption calculation since it represents a considerable percentage share in cost. The calculation of assist gas consumption was based considering technical specifications, recommendations and limitations of the considered CO2 laser cutting machine. The possible application of the proposed model for laser cost calculation in the case of a number of various engineering materials was discussed.

Keywords: CO2 laser cutting, stainless steel, mild steel, aluminium, operating parameters, cost, mathematical model

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