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Temperature Tuneable Compensation of Third Order Dispersion (TOD) in an All-fibre Chirped Pulse Amplification (CPA) System
Z. Xin

We experimentally demonstrate the net third order dispersion (TOD) compensation in an all-fibre stretched chirped pulse amplification (CPA) system, which contained chirped fibre Bragg gratings (CFBG) as a stretcher and 1450 lines/mm grating-pair as a compressor. The mathematical model is built to find a temperature field distribution that is suited to eliminate TOD. According to the model, six different temperature fields is competed by five TEC, which are used to tuneable TOD in the CPA system. One of the temperature fields, fit well to the model, could obtain the better pulse shape with the pulse duration 789 fs.

Keywords: Fibre laser, laser diode, temperature tuneable, ultrafast, amplification, third order dispersion (TOD), chirped fibre Bragg grating (CFBG), chirped pulse amplification (CPA)

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