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An Architecture for an Integrated Innate and Adaptive Artificial Immune System (INIAIS – A Novel AIS Architecture)
Richard M. Rimiru, Guanzheng Tan and Ongalo P. N. Fedha

In this paper an INtegrated Innate and Adaptive Immune System (INIAIS) architecture is described. The architecture is shown to incorporate many properties of natural immune systems, including diversity, self-organization, dynamic adaptation, multi-layered structure, lightweight and disposable components as well as distributed computation. INIAIS is a general artificial immune system architecture that could, in principle, be applied to several domains. In this paper, INIAIS is applied to computer security domain in the form of a network intrusion detection system called INIAIS-NIDS. INIAISNIDS is described and shown to; be effective at detecting intrusions, be capable of some automated intrusion response, have increased robustness in intrusions detection, provide improved efficiency of the detection process as a whole, and able of maintaining low false positive rates.

Keywords: Artificial Immune Systems; Network Intrusion Detection; Danger Theory; Dendritic Cells; Pathogen Associated Molecular Patterns; Pattern Recognition Receptors; Negative Selection Algorithm; Artificial Immune Systems Architecture.

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