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Design and Implementation of Encoding and Check Code Circuit with Hamming Code on QCA
Guangjun Xie, Yunlong Xiang, Yongqiang Zhang, Shuai Liu and Hongjun LV

With Hamming code encoding data and checking code in data access, this paper researches on the encode/check code circuit with Hamming code designed based on Quantum-dot Cellular Automata (QCA). By inserting error correction code in original data to realize the data error recovery function, the QCA XOR gate model and the QCA matrix operation circuit have been devised. What’s more, their properties are compared and analyzed. The results show that the QCA matrix operation circuit has shorter delay and fewer cellular than the QCA XOR, also it has simple structure and pretty good extensibility, so as to improving the reliability of the data. QCA Designer has been employed for simulation of the proposed designs and the results proved their validity.

Keywords: Quantum-dot Cellular Automata, Redundant array of independent disks, Hamming code, XOR gate, Matrix operation circuit

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