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Crossover Structures for Logical Computations in Excitable Chemical Medium
Ming-Zhu Sun and Xin Zhao

It is known that spatially distributed excitable chemical medium is capable of performing chemical computation. As a kind of unconventional computation, chemical computation should have the ability to replicate basic functions in conventional computation, such as logic circuits. Owing to the planar structure of the excitable medium, it is difficult to implement crossing wires in excitable medium, which is very common in digital electronics. The chemical implementation of the crossover attracts more and more attention in these years. This paper concentrates on the design and realization of crossover in excitable medium, and discusses its applications in logical computations. Three kinds of combinational logic circuits, including binary adder, binary encoder and binary decoder are constructed. The simulation results demonstrate the effectiveness of crossover structures, as well as all the combinational logical devices.

Keywords: Belousov-Zhabotinsky reaction, chemical computation, excitable media, crossover structure, logic circuits, binary adder, binary encoder, binary decoder

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