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Development of a Software Simulator for P colonies—Applications in Robotics
Andrei George Florea And Catalin Buiu

Recent theoretical advances and growing interest in the field of membrane computing have opened the way for more real-world applications of P systems and their variants. While there are some membrane computing simulators available, there are P systems variants that cannot be simulated and interfaced with special-purpose simulators (e.g., robot simulators) or real-world systems (e.g., mobile robots) yet. This paper proposes the first simulator for P colonies, an ongoing open source project developed in Python that allows the simulation of P colonies and P swarms, an extension of P colonies that we have introduced. A way to connect the generic P colony simulator with a robot simulator is provided together with a P colony to control the movement of a mobile robot.

Keywords: P systems, membrane computing, P colonies, software engineering, open-source, Python, robotics, Kilobot

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