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Localized Motion Planning Algorithm for Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks
Ahnaf Munir, Shihab Uzzaman, Md. Sakhawat Hossen, Salimur Choudhury and Muhammad Mahbub Alam

We consider two optimization problems related to Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks (MWSN). In the first problem, a set of sensors with limited sensing and communication capabilities are deployed in the network. The goal is to increase the coverage of the network by spreading the sensors while maintaining connection among them. In the second problem, the connected sensors that are spread around the network are gathered to a single location. We use Cellular Automaton (CA) based algorithms that consider hexagonal grids. We develop both probabilistic and deterministic algorithms and show the efficiency of these algorithms through extensive simulations.

Keywords: Mobile wireless sensor network; cellular automata; coverage; connectivity

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