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Hidden Symmetry Shows What a Memristor Is
V. A. Demin and V. V. Erokhin

Recently, the work was published in which the possible misconception of a memristor as a fourth basic element of electrical circuits was shown. The main argument was the fact that a magnetic flux or flux-linkage in the definition of an ideal memristor was not completely correct not deriving from Maxwell equations. The next important question arises then: ‘What could be a memristor with physically correct term of flux in its definition?’ Here, we suggest the possible answer to this question based on Maxwell equations with recovered hidden symmetry, i.e. with the magnetic monopoles in their structure. Memristance is likely not a resistance with memory but some kind of the dielectric characteristic of a medium surrounding the circuit. It is suggested to consider the memristor simply as an electrically variable resistor with possibility to hold its current resistive state under zero or some constant voltage bias (memory effect).

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