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Book Review

Embryogenesis Explained
by Natalie K. Gordon and Richard (Dick) Gordon
World Scientific, USA, 2016, 759pp.
ISBN: 978-981-4350-48-8
GBP 164.00 (hardcover)

Reviewed by Richard Mayne
Unconventional Computing Laboratory, University of the West of England, UK

“Embryogenesis Explained” by Natalie and Dick Gordon represents a contemporary glance at the rapidly expanding yet highly contentious field of embryogenesis, towards delivering a comprehensive introduction to the topic for both the scientific professional and the scientifically-curious lay person. The work in question is presented from a uniquely accessible, multidisciplinary perspective that should appeal to practitioners in unconventional computing, regardless of whether they are theoreticians concerned with modelling applications or otherwise experimentalists with an interest in reprogramming live matter. Concepts presented within, such as the influence that complex patterns of electrochemical wave propagation exert on an embyro’s differentiation, should delight all who have explored unconventional logics and spatial propagation of data.

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