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Information and Computation: The Essence of It All
Selim G. Akl

Information is a sequence of symbols representing the answer to a question. Computation is the process by which information is transformed in order to produce a desired result. In 2065 humanity has finally realized that the entire Universe, from the infinitely small to the infinitely large, is governed by information and computation. Everything, everywhere, at every moment is an information processing phenomenon. This realization of the fundamental role played by information and computation is having a profound effect on how we view ourselves, each other, and the entire world around us. It is shaping our science, our laws, and every conceivable aspect of our society. Above all, it is changing our life itself in a hugely important and most extraordinary way.

Keywords: Information, computation, it from bit, theory of everything, life, space travel, time travel, I am therefore I compute.

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