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Is Even Data Analysis Ready Today?
Rodrigo F. De Mello, Ricardo A. Rios, Paulo A. Pagliosa and Renato P. Ishii

The main objective of this paper is to present a study on how the design and development of new techniques and infrastructure to process and manage data may evolve within the next years. By analyzing recent studies, we have noticed the huge volume of data currently produced and collected from different real-world applications has causing changes in several well-known areas, creating new concepts and definitions. The study presented in this manuscript was organized covering recent advances in infrastructure, techniques, and tools, being important to answer the main question: “Is even Data Analysis ready today?”. To answer positively to this question, we still need incremental approaches, extracting information and learning from data as it is collected. Therefore, we believe such approaches will guide the next generation of studies.

Keywords: Networks, data analyses, internet of things, big data

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