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XOR Gate for Information Coded with Camphor Particles Moving on the Water Surface
Jerzy Gorecki, Hiroyuki Kitahata, Yuki Koyano, Marian Gryciuk, Maciej Malecki and Nobuhiko J. Suematsu

We discuss construction of the Exclusive OR (XOR) gate for information coded in camphor particles. Camphor particles can spontaneously move on water surface. The binary information coding is considered: the presence of a camphor particle at a given point of space and at a specific time is interpreted as the logic TRUE variable, the absence is regarded as the logic FALSE. We have demonstrated, both in experiments and in numerical simulations, that information coded as described above can be processed by dynamically changing geometry of the channel where camphor pills move. The coupling between pill location and channel geometry is achieved by a movable element of the channel that adjusts its position according to the local value of the surface tension. In the case of XOR gate the information processing function is performed by a swinging wing that opens or closes channels in a T-shaped junction.

Keywords: XOR gate, camphor, binary logic, self-propelled motion, surface tension, water surface

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