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On String Languages Generated by Spiking Neural P Systems with Multiple Channels
Yue Huang, Bo Li, Zeqiong Lv, Wenmei Yi, Hong Peng, Xiaoxiao Song and Jun Wang

We study spiking neural P system with multiple channels (SNP-MC), where each neuron can be connected to several subsets of neurons. Turing universality of SNP-MC systems as number generating/accepting devices and function computing devices has been already proven. However, a universality result of SNP-MC systems as language generators has not been established so far. This paper discusses computation power of SNP-MC systems as language generators. We prove that recursively enumerable languages can be characterized as projections of inverse-morphic images of languages generated by SNP-MC systems. The relationships of languages generated by SNP-MC systems with finite and regular languages are also investigated.

Keywords: Membrane computing, spiking neural P systems, string language, language generator

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