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Volistor Logic Gates in Crossbar Arrays of Rectifying Memristors
Muayad J. Aljafar, Marek A. Perkowski and John M. Acken

This paper introduces new implementations for volistors (voltage resistor gates) and programmable mDiode (memristive Diode) gates in crossbar arrays of rectifying memristors. Volistors use voltage as input and resistance as output and rely on the diode behavior of rectifying memristors. The design constraints of volistors are explained. These constraints determine the size of the crossbar arrays and the voltage levels for logic functions implementations. This paper shows how volistors can be cascaded in crossbar arrays with other memristive gates such as programmable mDiode gates. An implementation example of AND-NOR PLA (Programmable Logic Array) based on hybrid programmable mDiode gates and volistors in crossbar arrays is described. This PLA circuit reduces both size and delay when compared to other memristive PLAs (mPLAs) realized with stateful gates, CRS (complementary resistive switches) based gates, and Boolean gates. The outcomes show the benefit of the new memristive circuits approaches.

Keywords: Crossbar array, complementary resistive switches (CRS), diode logic, programmable logic array (PLA), rectifying memristors, stateful logic, volistor logic

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