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Spiking Neural P Systems with Communication on Request and Polarizations
Suxia Jiang, Jihui Fan, Yanfeng Wang and Fei Xu

Spiking neural P systems with communication on request (in short, SNQ P systems) are a variant of spiking neural P systems. SNQ P systems are inspired by biological phenomena, such as spikes are requested and emitted between neurons. SNQ P systems have been proved to be universal when two types of spikes are considered. In this work, under the consideration of polarizations of neurons, we propose a variant of SNQ P systems, called spiking neural P systems with communication on request and polarizations (in short, PSNQ P systems). In PSNQ P systems, the spikes of a neuron are requested from neighboring neurons, depending on both the contents and polarization of the neuron and the polarization of all requesting neurons (not checked by means of a regular expression). Meanwhile, the polarizations related to the requesting neurons can be exchanged. Moreover, PSNQ P systems are proved to be computationally universal as long as one type of spike is considered, and a small universal PSNQ P system using 209 neurons is constructed.

Keywords: Bio-inspired computing, membrane computing, spiking neural P systems, request rule, polarization

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