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Application of Weighted Spiking Neural P Systems with Rules on Synapses for Breaking RSA Encryption
Huifang Wang, Kang Zhou, Gexiang Zhang, Prithwineel Paul, Yingying Duan, Huaqing Qi and Haina Rong

RSA algorithm is one of the most widely used public key encryption algorithm. Breaking RSA encryption is considered very difficult and is well-known as RSA problem. The difficulty of this problem lies in prime factorization of large integers. In this paper, we introduce the idea of factorizing large integers to break RSA encryption using weighted spiking neural P systems with rules on synapses. Moreover, parallelism of weighted spiking neural P systems with rules on synapses allows the system to perform a space-time trade-off, and it helps the system to factorize large integers in linear time.

Keywords: Weighted spiking neural P systems, rules on synapses, RSA algorithm, large integers.

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