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A μ-fluidic Biochip Design for Spiking Neural P Systems
Tseren-Onolt Ishdorj, Otgonnaran Ochirbat and Chuluunbandi Naimannaran

This paper proposes a preliminary microfluidic computing system design for Spiking Neural P systems designed to solve the computational hard problem of Boolean satisfiability SAT by implementing the model studied in our previous work. We have also developed a simulation model for the proposed system and have been doing in silico experiments. An AC voltage applied to facilitated electrodes generates Dielectrophoretic force (DEP) and non-uniform electric field in the microfluidic channels. This DEP serves as the main functioning tool of the proposed biochip to control computation steps.

Keywords: Microfluidic systems, Biochip, Spiking Neural P systems, parallel and distributed computation, computational hard problems

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