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Non-Classical Logics in Unconventional Computing
Andrew Schumann and Hector Zenil

We briefly survey some aspects of non-classical logics in unconventional computing. Non-classical logics and unconventional computing have achieved a fruitful synergy that promises to accelerate transformations in other areas of study and research, including classical computation and the search for the next generation of unconventional computers that will harness the computational power of nature while also furthering our understanding of nature’s own computational capabilities. Nonclassical logics and unconventional computing influence each other in an open positive feedback loop that advances the field into uncharted territory and opens up a window on to a future where computation will be pervasive, where regardless of the logical paradigm behind the software, it will increasingly control large swathes of energy, matter and space, which in turn will serve as hardware enabled by a tremendous range and richness of logics.

Keywords: Non-classical logics, unconventional computing, natural computation

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