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FPGA Implementation of Numerical P Systems
Zeyi Shang, Sergey Verlan, Gexiang Zhang and Haina Rong

Numerical P Systems (NPS) is a variant of P systems using real-valued quantities. It was shown that it can successfully be applied for different real-world problems, in particular in the area of robotic control. In this paper we introduce an extension of NPS, called Generalized Numerical P Systems (GNPS) and we describe an efficient implementation of GNPS using FPGA hardware. This allows to build fast controller chips based on (G)NPS and interacting directly with the environment. Two test cases stemmed from Sobel image edge detection algorithm are presented to describe the implementation results.

Keywords: Membrane computing, numerical P system, enzymatic numerical P system, generalized numerical P system, field programmable gate array (FPGA), hardware implementation

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