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Computing with Modular Robots
Genaro J. Martínez, Andrew Adamatzky, Ricardo Q. Figueroa, Eric Schweikardt, Dmitry A. Zaitsev, Ivan Zelinka and Luz N. Oliva-Moreno

Propagating patterns are used to transfer and process information in chemical and physical prototypes of unconventional computing devices. Logical values are represented by fronts of traveling diffusive, trigger or phase waves. We apply this concept of pattern based computation to develop experimental prototypes of computing circuits implemented in small modular robots. In the experimental prototypes the modular robots Cubelets are concatenated into channels and junction. The structures developed by Cubelets propagate signals in parallel and asynchronously. The approach is illustrated with a working circuit of a one-bit full adder. Complementarily a formalization of these constructions are developed across Sleptsov nets. Finally, a perspective to swarm dynamics is discussed.

Keywords: Robotics, unconventional computing, cellular automata, competing patterns, Cubelets, binary adder, Sleptsov net, networks

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