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An Overview: Steady-State Quantum Entanglement via Reservoir Engineering
Ali Pedram And Özgür E. Müstecaplioğlu

We present a short overview of quantum entanglement generation and preservation in a steady state. In addition to the focus on quantum entanglement stabilization, we briefly discuss the same objective for steady-state quantum coherence. The overview classifies the approaches into two main categories: hybrid drive and dissipation methods and purely dissipative schemes. Furthermore, purely dissipative schemes are discussed under two subclasses of equilibrium and nonequilibrium environments. The significance of the dissipative route to sustained quantum entanglement and challenges against it are pointed out. Besides the value of steady-state entanglement for existing quantum technologies, quantum computation, communication, sensing, and simulation, its unique opportunities for emerging and future quantum technology applications, particularly quantum heat engines and quantum energy processing, are discussed.

Keywords: Quantum entanglement, quantum thermodynamics, quantum coherence, quantum heat engines, quantum computation, quantum communication, quantum sensing, quantum information, quantum biology

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