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EPSRC Conference on Unconventional Computing 2007
Andrew Adamatzky

The special issue offers a selection of the best papers presented at the EPSRC Conference on Unconventional Computing held in Bristol, July 12–14, 2007. The international event was financially supported by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), the UK Government’s leading funding agency for research and training in engineering and the physical sciences.

The papers discuss such diverse topics as computing with wave travelling in geometrically constrained media, channels built of dominoes (Simon O’Keefe) and excitable chemical medium (Joanna N. Gorecka, Jerzy Gorecki and Yasuhiro Igarashi), a Turing machine assembled of blocks moving in three-dimensional space (William A. Stevens), and conformation based computing with nucleic acid enzymes (Effirul I. Ramlan and Klaus-Peter Zauner). Readers will be pleased with adventurous research ideas, profound discussions and high-quality presentations.

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