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Maximal, Locally-Maximal, and Minimal Parallelism in Networks of Cells
Francesco Bernardini, Marian Gheorghe, Maurice Margenstern and Sergey Verlan

We introduce a new class of P systems, called networks of cells, with rules allowing several cells to simultaneously interact with each other in order to produce some new objects inside some other output cells.We precisely define three different semantics for executing networks of cells: maximal parallelism, locally-maximal parallelism, and minimal parallelism. The computational power of networks of cells with these three semantics is investigated by showing computational completeness for evolution communication P systems where communication rules may be antiport, symport, or conditional uniport.

Keywords: Bio-inspired Computing, Membrane Systems, Maximal Parallelism, Locally-Maximal Parallelism, Minimal Parallelism, Computational Completeness.

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