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Computing in the 3NLS Domain Using First Order Solitons
Anastasios G. Bakaoukas and John Edwards

A possible method is suggested for obtaining useful computational results from collisions between first order solitons in optical fibres whose evolution is described by the Cubic non-linear Schrodinger Equation (3NLS domain). This has previously been considered unlikely because collisions between such solitons are elastic. If the phase of first order solitons is used to represent logical states then, with suitable additional hardware, useful computation might be possible using 3NLS solitons. Two different arrangements are suggested based on Toffoli gate structures and a half-adder is demonstrated using these schemes. The formalism of quantum gates can be used to predict the output of these gates although the scheme described here does not constitute a quantum system in the usual meaning of that phrase.

Keywords: Optical fibre computing, cubic non-linear schrodinger equation, first order soliton collisions, split step fourier analysis, toffoli gates, fredkin gates, optical logic gates, quantum computing with solitons.

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