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Mike Stanett

The 8th International Conference on Unconventional Computation was held in the historic town of Ponta Delgada in the Azores, Portugal, from September 7, 2009 to September 11, 2009, and included a dedicated Hypercomputation Workshop; the present volume includes 6 papers from that workshop, covering a diverse and representative range of the topics discussed. Our special thanks go to the many anonymous referees who reviewed submissions prior to the Workshop; without their unstinting work the Workshop would not have been possible. Thanks are also due to the organisers of UC09 and the local organisers in Ponta Delgada for their tireless work on our behalf, and to the UK’s Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council for financial support*.

In conjunction with the UC09 Physics and Computation Workshop, we also hosted an in-depth series of tutorials (presented by Judit Madarász, Péter Németi and Gergely Székely) covering First-Order Relativity Theories, and their relevance to hypercomputation. Our thanks go to the presenters, as well as to Hajnal Andréka, Csilla Németi, István Németi, Renata Tordai and all the members of the Algebraic Logic group at the Rényi Institute of Mathematics in Budapest for sharing their work in this area so freely, and with such obvious and infectious enthusiasm.†

* EPSRC Hypercomputation Network (HyperNet), grant reference EP/E064183/1.
† http://www.renyi.hu/staff/alglog.html

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