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Hypercomputation in a Cryptographic Setting:
Solving the Identity Theft Problem Using Quantum Memories?
Naya Nagy, Marius Nagy and Selim G. Akl

The identity theft problem, an ever growing threat to safety and security in today’s society, is very difficult to tackle using classical means, due to the fact that classical information can be easily read and copied. In this paper, we show that we can do more than it is possible classically through the use of specific tools and techniques from quantum information processing and quantum cryptography. Specifically, we devise a quantum security scheme that completely eliminates the problem of identity theft in sensor networks, although our scheme may be of interest in more general situations involving secrecy and authentication. The hypercomputational aspect of this result pertains to the unprecedented level of security achieved, a level that is beyond the reach of classical information processing.

Keywords: identity theft, sensor networks, security, quantum cryptography, entanglement, hypercomputation

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