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Enzymatic Logic Gates with Noise-Reducing Sigmoid Response
Valber Pedrosa, Dmitriy Melnikov, Marcos Pita, Jan Halámek, Vladimir Privman, Aleksandr Simonian and Evgeny Katz

Biochemical computing is an emerging field of unconventional computing that attempts to process information with biomolecules and biological objects using digital logic. In this work we survey filtering in general, in biochemical computing, and summarize the experimental realization of an AND logic gate with sigmoid response in one of the inputs. The logic gate is realized with electrode-immobilized glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase enzyme that catalyzes a reaction corresponding to the Boolean AND functions. A kinetic model is also developed and used to evaluate the extent to which the performance of the experimentally realized logic gate is close to optimal.

Keywords: Biocomputing, enzyme logic, logic gate, binary logic, sigmoid response.

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