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Algorithmic Self-assembly of Single-duplex DNA Nanostructures
Shogo Hamada and Satoshi Murata

Algorithmic self-assembly of DNA tiles is known as a way to create nanoscale structures with various patterns through a bottom-up approach. Several motifs for the tile system have been realized so far, although there are some limitations in design. Here we introduce a new tile system based on a DNA motif called ‘T-motif’, which complies with several design requirements for DNA algorithmic self-assembly. The tile system based on the T-motif has several characteristics arising from a structural difference with other existing motifs. Discussed are details of the structure, a design of tile sets, and some experimental results of algorithmic self-assembly as a demonstration to show the possibility for an implementation of one-dimensional cellular automata using this motif.

Keywords: DNA Nanotechnology, DNA Nanostructures, Nano-engineering, Self-Assembly, Motif, Algorithmic Self-Assembly, T-junction, T-motif

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