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Reversible Regulation of Position of DNA Inside a Nano-Structure via Photonic Signaling to Implement State-Transitions
Hiroto Sakai, Yusuke Ogura and Jun Tanida

In this paper, we demonstrate reversible regulation of the position of a DNA strand in a DNA nano-structure via photonic signaling. The position is controlled through conformation-change of a pair of hairpin-DNAs tethered with azobenzene that is responsive to visible and UV light irradiation. The method is usable for realizing a photonic DNA automaton in which the internal state is represented as the position of the target DNA, and the state transition is executed by changing the position in accordance with photonic signals.We designed a DNA structure to satisfy the desired function including two hairpin-DNAs. Using the structure, we succeeded in reversibly positioning DNA repeatedly.

Keywords: hairpin-DNA, conformation-change, DNA structure, DNA’s position, DNA computing, photonic DNA automaton, azobenzene.

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